Idrotech / KIT MIST FAN 360°
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Example Vento Kit Composition
Tube cutter
Tube cutter for polyamide pipe ø2-12mm
fog nozzle
Cleanable fog nozzle in AISI 303 stainless steel, complete with
anti-drop valve, 10/24UNC/2A thread, flow factor 015

H.p. polyamide pipe ø6.35mm
H.p. polyamide pipe ø6.35mm, rolls of 25m, white

Mist Fan 360°
Mist Fan 360° - single speed, complete with ceiling mounting bracket,
holder ring for 6 nozzles, colour white. Air flow rate 4,020m3/h, 97W,
230V-50Hz. Coverage 30m2

Raccordo rapido Slip-Lock giunzione tubi
Raccordo rapido Slip-Lock giunzione tubi, “tee”,

in ottone nichelato, ø6,35mm
Rubberised stainless steel pipe clamp
Rubberised stainless steel pipe clamp, for polyamide pipe fixing ø6.35mm

Technical data
All Technical features

Code: ZX.KV2-360
Coverage: 60 square metres
Number of fans: 2

Code: ZX.KV4-360
Coverage: 120 square metres
Number of fans: 4

Code: ZX.KV6-360
Coverage: 180 square metres
Number of fans: 6

Code: ZX.KV8-360
Coverage:480 square metres
Number of fans: 8 

Recommended accessory
ZX.KPI Emergency kit: 2 cleanable fog nozzles in AISI 303 stainless steel, 1 pipe "tee" junction Slip-Lock quick coupling, 1 Slip-Lock line end cap, 2 rubberised stainless steel pipe caps, 1 cap with 10/24UNC/2A thread

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