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ZX.8416 Fog maker FALCO

Fog Maker Falco

Sturdy and technological fog maker.

- Brushless motor, it does not require maintenance
- Simple and user-friendly touchscreen
- Sturdy structure
- Ventilation unit independent from pump unit
- Machine can be managed remotly (optional)

ZX.8416 Fog maker
ZX.8416 Fog maker
ZX.8416 Fog maker
ZX.8416 Fog maker
Controllo remoto
Technical data
CODE Model Pressure Flow rate Drop size Rotating range Power (3x400V-50Hz) Weight Dimensions LxPxH (mm) Preventive maintenance 750hrs (standard) Preventive Page maintenance 1500hrs (optional)
ZX.8410 Falco 11LPM 70bar 11l/min 18mcr 330° automatic 3,7Kw 210kg 1200x800x1850mm ZX.75IBG02 ZX.150IBG02
ZX.8411 Falco 15LPM 80bar 15l/min 24mcr 330° automatic 4,4Kw 215kg 1200x800x1850mm ZX.75IBG03 ZX.150IBG03
ZX.8416 Falco 6LPM 80bar 6,5l/min 12mcr 330° automatic 3,7Kw 210kg 1200x800x1850mm ZX.75IBG10 ZX.150IBG10
Technical data
Technical features
- Painted steel frame by cataphoresis
- Electric control panel complete with 4.3” touch screen and PLC for managing the fan pump, rotating range, work cycles and preventive maintenance progra
- Protection rating: IP55
- Dimensions WxLxH: 1200x800x1850mm

Fan technical specifications
- N° of nozzles : 1 ring AISI 304 stainless steel with 30 nozzles
- Coverage: 1500 m2
- Power absorption: 2,2Kw 2800g/min
- Fan jet: 25m with 21°C (without wind)
- Power supply: 3x400V – 50Hz
- Rotating range: 330° automatic
- Elevation: -20° +30° manual
- Fan diameter: 410mm
- Noise: < 87Lwa

Pump module technical specifications
- Pressure:70bar for 11lt/min version, 80bar for 6.5 and 15lt/min version 
- Professional pump 1450Rpm, rod movement, brass head, 3 ceramic pistons
- Electric motor 1450Rpm 1.5Kw for 6.5 and 11lt/min, 2.2Kw for 15lt/min
- Integrated by-pass valve
- Low pressure water switch
- Unload solenoid valve
optionals / ZX.8416
ZX2322 Kit analisi durezza
Water hardness analysis kit
Water supply kit, 10m with screw quick couplings
Mechanical proportional dispenser 0,2-2% kit with tank
Ethernet remote control kit for PLC
Wi-Fi remote ZX.1279 control kit for PLC
Washing kit complete with gun, Double lance, 10m hose and lance housing. Available for 15l/ min version
Sterilizer kit for Fog Maker Falco, Rino and Elefante
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